About Energy Streetfight

Energy Streetfight was an attempt to explore the possibilities to reduce domestic energy consumption via playful means. The result of the exploration and experimentation links the ‘offline world’ of energy consumption with a a massive-multiplayer online game that is anchored locally. The project was launched in Berlin in 2011, in which the prototype was played by the inhabitants of Stargarder Strasse, a residential street in the borough of Prenzlauer Berg.

In the game the players’ mission was to explore an undiscovered island world, as captains and crew of sailing boats. Soon they would find out that the inhabitants of several of these islands were suffering because they didn’t have access to certain technologies, knowledge or resources, while on other islands inhabitants were living in relative abundance and were happy to share with others.

The sailors, equipped with boats, a will to help and storage capacities thus had to transport the missing resources, technologies or people from one island to another in order to improve the situation.

What linked the game and the real world was the electrical energy consumed at home by the players. Meter readings were submitted each week and, depending on the performance (vs. other similar households and own performance from previous weeks), the boats in the game world were algorithmically sped up and made more manoeuvrable (when players had achieved improvements) or slowed down.

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The logic behind the venture’s development is explained in the following presentation: