Welcome to the Energy Streetfight blog.

On these pages you will be able to track the progress we are making in developing this venture. The aim of this first experiment is to create an interactive game which engages the residents of Stargarder Straße, a lively street in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district, to compete in a collective guerilla battle over the lowest natural resources consumption on a building-to-building basis (water, gas, electricity). Each building’s inflow of (tbd – all, some or just one of the) aforementioned natural resources is measured and converted to a per capita figure. All participating houses enter into a game which will go on for several monhts, starting early in 2011.

You would like to get involved? Great! Send us your questions, feedback and ideas or let us know if you’d like to help. How? You can comment on the blog, send us an email and follow us on Facebook or Twitter to join the conversation there.

We’re looking forward to the next months’ journey. Great to have you on board.

Vijak, Habib and Benedikt and all of the project partners.

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